Motherhood Series | Sharon

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Sharon is a mama to a very talkative two year old, Hazel, and the owner of Fairly Friendly. Together with her husband, they have enjoyed being able to express themselves creatively through their shop based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Here, she tells us a little about herself.Loves: traveling, Netflix, Instagram, salt & vinegar chips, sunshine, and her family. How has motherhood changed you?  This may sound corny, but becoming a mom with the birth of my daughter has made me appreciate my own mom that much more. I now understand just how selfless of a person you have to be to...

Motherhood Series | Terra

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  Terra LaRock is a new mama to a sweet baby girl named Winter. She is a school psychologist who also dabbles in blogging. Through her blog, Love & LaRock, Terra aims to share her experiences as a new mother and her passion for family, art, plants and inspiring green spaces while living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. How has motherhood changed you?   I think a better question is, how has it not (wink)?! Motherhood has turned me into a completely new person. I am more than I was without her; I am complete. Sure I am busy, tired, stressed, uncertain,...

Mom/Mom's Boss Look Book

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 We had the absolute pleasure of working with the sweetest (not to mention incredibly photogenic) mom boss and her two babes for our latest look book shoot. Per usual, our photographer, Bree, captured their very different personalities perfectly...while the two "bosses" ran circles (literally) around their mama :) Maria is wearing the Mom Boss tee. Moxie and Margeaux are wearing Mom's Boss tees.  Photography: Bree Linne, Location: Stir Crazy Baked Goods

Motherhood Series | Bree

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Bree is a dear friend and the talent behind our adorable look book photos! She is an amazing mama to her two kiddos, Ian and Adalyn. Here, she tells us a little about herself.Local photographer of all things mama and baby, avid reader, small town girl with an overindulgent appreciation for food. Saved by grace and hoping that my kiddos make the world a better place. How has motherhood changed you?  For starters, I am able to tolerate much higher levels of noise than I EVER imagined possible.  On a deeper level, I have become much less self-conscious. Growing a baby and...

Motherhood Series | Runi

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Runi is a civil engineer who lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Thomas, and their two year old daughter, Meera. Here, she tells us a little about herself.Mom and aspiring do-gooder who wishes she could be "effortlessly" anything and whose aim is to bring joy to others! How has motherhood changed you?  When I was pregnant with my daughter, Meera, I knew she and I would have an indescribable bond because that's what everyone said would happen. When she was born, maybe it was the adrenaline, but I was shaking involuntarily, and I realized I was excited to know her, yet I was discovering how...