Motherhood Series | Maria
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Motherhood Series | Maria

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Maria is a photographer and super stylist to her two gorgeous girls, Moxie and Margeaux.

Here, she tells us a little about herself.
Chocolate enthusiast. Lover of pretty things. Friend to all cacti. Best husband, ever  + Two divine babes.

How has motherhood changed you?  
I don't feel like it changed me THAT much. Now, I am just on the other side of the fence in "the moms club" and I can fully appreciate how petrifying it can be to watch your heart walk around outside your body.

What has surprised you the most? The least?
The most: perhaps the range of emotions you experience any given day. I feel like we can easily go from dancing in the dining room, to someone hurling themselves on the floor in about .3 seconds. Of course I have two I suppose not only should I not be surprised, but I should also buckle in and hold tight...  The least: how second nature being a mom is. I was always somewhat motherly, though I was hardly playing with barbies and planning weddings. But I have always enjoyed taking care of others, parenting is clearly an extension of that and then some!

What is one thing you vowed never to do when you have a child that you are currently doing?
We wanted to be the parents who didn't let having children slow us down. We wanted them to see the world as we did, so they do and go with us everywhere.   I am also not one to make too many binding vows. I prefer a more balanced but laid back approach, the only thing I tried to avoid was a lot of TV proper until Moxie was two. Of course with all our travel she was a wizard iPad user before that..and now Margeaux, well she watches more TV than I had planned. But we also make sure they are engaged in daily life, nature, exploration, museums etc.  So hopefully, balance! 

Being a mom makes me feel __________.
Exhausted. Frumpy. Frazzled. Yet somehow totally in love.        
Any tips for other mamas out there who are trying to juggle it all? 
I was just telling a friend the other night, this is just a season, like everything in life. And it will pass. things will change and change again. Getting easier, and possibly harder but nothing is forever, which is perhaps the kindest yet cruelest trick.  In sum, breathe in, breathe out, if that doesn't work, pour wine directly in your coffee mug and smile.

 "The secret to having it all, is believing you already do"

(Photo by Bree Linne Photography. Maria is wearing the Mom Boss tee and her girls are wearing Mom's Boss tees)

Thank you so much Maria, for being the first mama in this new series! Please check out her Instagram account to see more of their beautiful adventures.