Motherhood Series | Bree
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Motherhood Series | Bree

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Bree is a dear friend and the talent behind our adorable look book photos! She is an amazing mama to her two kiddos, Ian and Adalyn.

Here, she tells us a little about herself.
Local photographer of all things mama and baby, avid reader, small town girl with an overindulgent appreciation for food. Saved by grace and hoping that my kiddos make the world a better place.

How has motherhood changed you?  
For starters, I am able to tolerate much higher levels of noise than I EVER imagined possible. 

On a deeper level, I have become much less self-conscious. Growing a baby and giving birth to it kind of makes you feel like you can do anything. Being a mom feels like such a high calling that I don't have that need, as I once did, to strive and strive and strive for me....more schooling, a better job, a slimmer figure, etc. Instead of worrying about me, I worry about my two little monkeys. Are they being fed, are they learning how to be kind, do they feel loved...etc.  And it's the best thing ever. I don't think I'll ever lose all my baby weight, and I can count on one hand the number of times I do my hair in a month, but my life is not about me anymore, and I'm totally ok with that. 

What has surprised you the most? The least?
I have a become a mom twice...once through adoption when I married my husband, who was a widower with a sweet baby boy. And once through birth, when we welcomed our daughter a few years later. Becoming a mom to our son was an incredible experience in trust and faith. Believing that I was meant to be this child's mother, when he had already had a mother who loved and adored him and died too soon....that was hard. I was shocked, though, at the amount of love and motherly instinct I felt for this little boy from the very first moment I met him. I had never been a mother, so I was completely surprised at how my love for him was just immediate and instant.  

What surprised me the least...I don't know....maybe the chaos? Ha. I don't think I ever had expectations that motherhood would be neat and clean and perfect. So I guess on that front, I am pretty easy-going. The messes and the noise and the absence of down time...that was never a hard a adjustment for me. It's part of what makes parenting so entertaining. 

What is one thing you vowed never to do when you have a child that you are currently doing?
Probably giving my 1 year old whatever she wants to eat. About half the time she eats a wide variety of foods, and the other half of the time she only wants macaroni and cheese and macaroni and cheese. And on those days, heaven help us--and our floors--if we give her anything else. 

Being a mom makes me feel __________.
Like I have the greatest responsibility on earth. 

Any tips for other mamas out there who are trying to juggle it all? 
I'm probably the worst person to be asking this, because I feel like that's what I do, all day every.  I juggle.  I am not one of those moms who makes parenthood look easy. On the contrary, I feel I'm one of those moms who people look at and are like "Yikes. If motherhood makes her that scatterbrained and disheveled, maybe I don't want it!" But you do, trust me. All those trendy sayings these days about messy hair and no makeup and cold coffee and no sleep--they're all true. But they're allllll worth it. 

Specifcally, the newborn stage, REVEL in it. Really. That is one thing I know, without a doubt, that I got right. I didn't do a darn thing the first few months of my daughter's life. I held her, and I walked with her, and I fed her when she wanted to be fed, and I let her sleep on me for every nap. I took her and my oldest to the park, and other than that we were at home. I had never had a baby at home, and wasn't sure if we would have any more, so I wanted to make sure to soak up every single precious drop of my sweet newborn that I could. Now, my independent little firecracker won't stay still for a moment, and is no longer a cuddler. To say I am grateful for those times when she was tiny....definite understatement. 

(Bree is wearing the Mom Boss tee and Adalyn is wearing the Mom's Boss tee)

Thank you Bree, for sharing your experiences! Please check out her website and Instagram account to see more of her photography and beautiful family.