Motherhood Series | Runi Duvall

Runi is a civil engineer who lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Thomas, and their two year old daughter, Meera.

Here, she tells us a little about herself.
Mom and aspiring do-gooder who wishes she could be "effortlessly" anything and whose aim is to bring joy to others!

How has motherhood changed you?  
When I was pregnant with my daughter, Meera, I knew she and I would have an indescribable bond because that's what everyone said would happen. When she was born, maybe it was the adrenaline, but I was shaking involuntarily, and I realized I was excited to know her, yet I was discovering how little I knew about her and the life our family would lead. We left the hospital and nurtured and bonded with our daughter, and I realized that my love for her is more than biological; we are on a lifelong journey. Like a best friend you've had for 17 years or a partner you've loved for nine, but different in that motherhood translated the affection my husband and I share into a baby who began her journey brand new, needing, crying, loving -- all with us. And the journey endures, changing us every day! Motherhood has been the most dynamic, yet stabilizing, time in my life.

What has surprised you the most? The least?
I had no idea how much diaper wizardry I would have to learn. I've changed my daughter's diaper at a full gallop alongside her while pleading with her to let me secure both straps so many times I've lost count! I foolishly thought she would enjoy diaper changes and thank me for them.

I'm least surprised that no matter how delicious and nutritious the food we offer her is, she still wants "kid food" or whatever snacks are in the pantry. It's a matter of principle for her!

What is one thing you vowed never to do when you have a child that you are currently doing? 

I really didn't think the words, "if you let me tie your hair back, I'll give you a jelly bean" would ever cross my lips, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus, have you seen how much hair she has? Yes, that's my girl. 

Being a mom makes me feel __________.
Like an accomplished multi-tasker! I have no idea how I squandered so much free time prior to being a mom. Had I been operating at "mom speed", I could have published two books, cooked a different elaborate meal every night, alphabetized my medicine cabinet, and so much more! 

Any tips for other mamas out there who are trying to juggle it all?
If at all possible, divide and conquer when you can and practice alternative means of communication with your partner. As Meera comprehends more words and body language, I wish my husband and I shared a secret language. I try spelling words, but that seldom works for us amidst the chaos!

Thank you Runi, for sharing your motherhood journey with us!