Motherhood Series | Sharon Thomas

Sharon is a mama to a very talkative two year old, Hazel, and the owner of Fairly Friendly. Together with her husband, they have enjoyed being able to express themselves creatively through their shop based out of Fort Worth, Texas. 

Here, she tells us a little about herself.
Loves: traveling, Netflix, Instagram, salt & vinegar chips, sunshine, and her family.

How has motherhood changed you?  
This may sound corny, but becoming a mom with the birth of my daughter has made me appreciate my own mom that much more. I now understand just how selfless of a person you have to be to love someone so unconditionally. All those times I remembered being mad at my mom for something she said or did growing was like ah, I see why you did that now. 

What has surprised you the most? The least?
You know that funny wobbly feeling you get in your knees when you're standing somewhere really high up and looking down? I never knew you could get that same feeling by watching someone else. But any time I see my daughter do something that scares me (like climb down from her high chair or jump on the bed), I get that feeling! Because of this, there is not a doubt in my mind that she is an extension of my own body. So that and breast feeding. For all you mamas-to-be out there, make sure you google "4-6 week growth spurt"'ve been warned!

The least: I knew from the instant I was pregnant that I was going to have a girl and that we would be best friends...and we are:)

What is one thing you vowed never to do when you have a child that you are currently doing? 
Some days, the amount of screen time Hazel gets is embarrassing. I mean, she knew how to swipe on my iPhone before she even learned to walk! I probably need to make that into a t-shirt at some point...

Being a mom makes me feel __________.
like I am someone else's entire world.     

Any tips for other mamas out there who are trying to juggle it all? 
As moms, I think we have this constant (and almost obsessive) need to compare everything we do with each other. Why isn't my baby sleeping through the night yet like so-and-so? Why aren't they walking? Why aren't they potty-trained? We put ourselves down and feel like failures again and again. It's something I've continually struggled with and am still working on, but I've been reminding myself more and more that every child and family is different. Nobody is perfect and we are all doing the best with what we have. Learn to appreciate the good and the bad days, because they will be gone before you know it.  

(Photo by Bree Linne Photography. Hazel is wearing the food thrower tee)

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