Motherhood Series | Terra
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Motherhood Series | Terra

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Terra LaRock is a new mama to a sweet baby girl named Winter. She is a school psychologist who also dabbles in blogging. Through her blog, Love & LaRock, Terra aims to share her experiences as a new mother and her passion for family, art, plants and inspiring green spaces while living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

How has motherhood changed you?  
I think a better question is, how has it not (wink)?! Motherhood has turned me into a completely new person. I am more than I was without her; I am complete. Sure I am busy, tired, stressed, uncertain, and worried, but, I am also the happiest I have ever been. The other night my husband and I went out to dinner with Winter. She was eating everything off our plates, dancing and singing, and trying to feed our server food when she came to the table. I couldn't stop smiling and I thought, "This is it. This is life. Right here. Right now. This is why I am alive." Motherhood has made me pause and enjoy the little moments, the kinds that would have normally passed me by. I think I am more in tune with the world around me, as if I am seeing it through her eyes for the time.


What has surprised you the most? The least?
The thing that surprised me the most about motherhood was how hard breastfeeding was for me in the beginning. I wish I would have gone to a few breastfeeding classes before I had Winter. I also think that although I knew that sleep deprivation would be tough on me physically and emotionally, I never dreamed that it would affect my marriage as much as it did. The first four months or so felt like we were on auto-pilot expect no one really knew how to land the plane. I wish my husband and I would have asked for more help from our friends as they often offered to watch her, yet we rarely took the opportunity. With the next kid, you can bet your bottoms that a once a week date night will be strictly enforced. It's so important to continue to connect with your partner.

The thing that surprised me the least about motherhood is how much I love my daughter. I knew from the minute I was pregnant that my heart would never be the same.


What is one thing you vowed never to do when you have a child that you are currently doing? 
Crawl around on a dirty floor. I thought that I would be a lot more tidy with a kid but the pendulum swung the other way. And what's with the laundry? Does it EVER seem to end?

Being a mom makes me feel __________.
like a beautiful mess. Being a mother makes me feel loved, important and kind. It also makes me feel an intense responsibility to live by example and love, be kind and make others feel important too.      

Any tips for other mamas out there who are trying to juggle it all? 
I heard a wise woman say that you will never "find the balance" of it all and that is okay. I really believe that there are periods in your life where you feel like you got your shit together and then one, I am talking ONE Jenga piece begins to falter and all of a sudden everything falls down with it. I am not striving to juggle it all. I am just doing the best I can and that my friends, is good enough. Or at least that is what I tell myself.

(Photos by Brittany Renee Photography)

Thank you so much Terra, for letting us feature you! Please check out her blog and Instagram account to see more of her sweet family.