The idea for Fairly Friendly came up one night, as my husband and I were giving our daughter, Hazel, her daily bath. We joked about how, despite being warned by so many of our family and friends, we could have never known just how hectic parenthood would be. I mean, you never really know until you KNOW (am I right??). Long gone are the days of annoyed or judgmental stares – now whenever we see a child screaming in a restaurant, or on a plane, or in the middle of Target, we feel only sympathy…and maybe relief, that the kid screaming isn’t our own (well, most of the time)😊

 This clothing line is dedicated to the parents who are “in the know”, who embrace the chaos and tell it like it is. The collection is printed on soft quality fabrics designed to make life easier, and is inspired by Hazel and little ones everywhere. 

Yes, we love them, but they are slowly driving us crazy;)